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Top Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Coding

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1. Coding is everywhere

It's now 2018, and coding never been more important. In the last decade it's become cheaper to start a company thanks to free or low-cost cloud services that handle everything from email to hosting to payment processing. This implies you don't have to get your own personal servers and hire an IT department only for their expertise in server management if you want to produce a new web app or mobile application. Consequently, you will find loads of new businesses being created everyday by those who have little or no formal training in programming. The tech industry is indeed desperate permanently programmers that technical recruiters often prioritize candidates who can show a portfolio of their work over individuals with degrees from Ivy League schools.

2. It's fun!

It could not be for everybody, but at the conclusion of your day coding is about solving problems and creating digital items that bring you happiness. From designing a slick new interface to building your own games, there are tons of possibilities available for anybody who would like to discover ways to program. In the event that you enjoy math and logic puzzles (and odds are good that you do if you're looking over this article) then it probably won't be difficult for you really to grab basic programming skills.

3. A vocation in technology is booming

Coding isn't just important: it's also an effective way to earn money and Deniz Gueney build a well balanced career with plenty of upward mobility. As a result of websites like Upwork, Freelancer.com, Toptal and Guru you will find work when you want it without having to delay for an employer to offer you a job offer. These sites allow it to be easy for freelancers in just about any industry to be associated with people who need help getting things done, meaning you will find lots of opportunities for programmers all over the world.

Take Google Trends for instance: search queries related to coding have grown by 74% in the past five years alone!

4. Coding opens doors to new experiences

You will find so many places online where your coding skills can come in handy, allowing you to earn money or experience items that would normally require formal training or special qualifications. As an example, if you adore photography then you need to use code to construct your personal online shop, as opposed to paying out another person to deal with it for you. It's also quite simple to create an internet site that showcases all work using good web development tools like Squarespace or Wix. You can take charge of your lifetime and lead the way in which towards any experience that interests you.

5. Coding teaches discipline and persistence

Programming is an extremely rewarding activity because it requires you to believe logically while simultaneously training your brain to overcome seemingly impossible challenges through sheer force of will. Programming isn't one skill or another: it's an advancement in convinced that allows you to undertake tasks which will normally take months or even years in only a day or two! If you're the kind of individual who likes setting difficult goals for yourself then taking up coding as a hobby is one of the greatest ways you can test your limits.

Coding combines creativity with discipline, persistence and problem-solving skills which are highly sought after in today's tech-driven world!
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