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Students Blast Assignment Asking Them To Create Fictional SLAVE

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A San Diego State University professor sparked fury with an assignment that asked students to create a fictional slave persona - then dress up as them and act it out. 

La Shae Collins, Professor of Africana Studies at the University, infuriated students with the assignment ordering them to develop an escape plan, then act out their slave persona before an audience while using 'broken language.'  

Among those angered by the task was student Amari Jackson.  

'Should never have to act and "create a slave persona" for one of my African Studies classes,' Jackson wrote on Instagram. 'But hey, at least my professor cancelled the in-class presentations where she wanted us to act and dress up in our personas.

'She canceled them because we had too many students and not enough time,' the student concluded. 

Student newspaper said the roleplay part of the assignment had only been canceled because of space and time constraints, and not because of the controversial nature of the request.  

The assignment was due to be handed in by 4pm October 10, and was worth up to 25 points. It's unclear if it has been canceled in its entirety.

DailyMail.com has contacted both Professor Collins and Jackson for comment.  

African Studies professor LaShae Collins, 42, is being slammed by her students after requiring them to complete a 'slave narrative' project worth 25 points

The assignment was brought to light by a fellow student who posted about the controversial project on Instagram, details of which he included in a screenshot 

Amari Jackson, a student at San Diego State University, blasted his African Studies professor for requiring the project that initially required to students to act out and dress like their slave character for an in-person presentation

Jackson said students should never be subjected to performing and dressing like a slave for a class project

Robbie Jackson, another student enrolled in Collin's course, said he refused to turn in the 'insensitive project.' 

'Being a person who is black, (and) knowing that my family actually had to go through that was a really uncomfortable ask,' Jackson told SDSU's newspaper . 'It's like familial trauma and it's this deeply rooted issue.' 

Other students emailed Collins and asked for an alternative assignment but were allegedly denied.  

Despite Collins removing the in-person presentation, the list of criteria for full points remained extensive for the three-page single spaced assignment. 

Students were still required to create a slave narrative for a fictional character that resided in the either Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, or North Carolina, according to the assignment. 

The Africana Studies students were ordered to put themselves into the shoes of slaves and mention any thoughts, goals or dreams while making up their own household situation and details of the family that 'owns' them.

Students were also tasked with detailing their fictional slave's everyday life, including whether they lived with relatives, and task performed.

They were also asked to create an escape plan to break free of their masters, and detail how they'd go about it.

San Diego State University has been asked to take action against the process 

Jackson received support from his followers and more after he posted the project online classes for accounting degree. It is unclear whether or not the three-page project still remains 

Jackson was inundated from followers that condemned Collin's questionable assignment. 

'This is so ridiculous,' one person wrote. 'Why are we still dealing with having to tell staff how inappropriate and tone deaf this is.' 

'Can someone explain this is embarrassing?? Our history is not some comical play that we should pretend to be.... these were years of people's lives. Years of misery and miss treatment. Years of getting degraded and disrespected that some still go through to this day being that modern slavery still exists,' another person added. 

'Describe your escape??? This is sick,' another responded.  

One person demanded San Diego State University take action against the professor while some were disgusted at what tuition funds and supports. 

'We need accountability. We need repercussions,' another said while tagging the university. 


Others were quick to speak out about the project and demanded accountability while some said the project was embarrassing 

San Diego has been hit with other recent controversies involving controversial staff members and outspoken students.  

 Dr. Monica Casper, dean of the College of Arts and Letters, was hit by conservative students at the school in December after she described the 'Right's agenda' on Twitter as a 'stench' saying it consists of racism, unintelligence, and inequity.' 

Dr. Monica Casper, a dean at San Diego State University was under fire by Republican students in December for her liberal agenda 

'Just so we're clear on the Right's agenda: racism good, abortion bad, money good, women bad, capitalism good, sustainability bad, stupidity good, science bad, power good, equality bad, white people good, nonwhite people bad. Stench, indeed,' Dr. Monica Casper, SDSU's dean of the College of Arts and Letters, tweeted.

Dr. Casper was also vocal on the acquittal of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse and dubbed it a victory for 'white supremacy.' 

'No mercy, no justice - white supremacy wins again,' she tweeted.

The outspoken comments have Republicans attending San Diego State College up in arms describing her comments as 'hateful.'

'The tweets reflect the cancerous leftist ideology that has infected not just the average professor, but the upper leadership of our public universities,' Dylan Martin, a spokesperson for the California College Republicans, told CollegeFix.

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